An LSVT Graduate on board the Neptune for the Ocean Globe Race 2023

The Ocean Globe Race will set sail on September 10th, 2023, with 14 teams from around the world. The race begins from Southampton, England and will continue for 7 months through 3 ports of call: Cape Town, South Africa, Auckland, New Zealand and Punta del Este, Uruguay. 

There is one team that is very special to us at LSVT aboard the Neptune sailboat. Our connection is through one of the sailors, Bertrand Delhom, who has Parkinson’s disease. 

L:Thomas BRAUER, LSVT Rep. Germany, M: Patrick OURY, LOGOTOP , R: Bertrand DELHOM

While in Vannes, France in December of 2022, we had the incredible joy of meeting Bertrand and some of his team when he volunteered for our LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG Training and Certification Courses. Although we speak different languages, his passion for this sailing mission and his determination to get his body and his voice into tip top shape was clear. 

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Bertrand Delhom, Neptune’s team for the 2023 world tour.

Affected by Parkinson’s disease, this Breton embarks on a four-step world tour.

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We at LSVT Global wish Bertrand and the rest of the Neptune’s crew good luck and good health as they take on this amazing adventure. Keep thinking BIG and LOUD Bertrand!

Videos of Bertrand practicing his LSVT BIG exercises with clinicians and LSVT BIG Faculty

You can learn more about the Ocean Globe Race and follow the Neptune team through these links! We will be updating Bertrand and Neptune’s progress over the coming months as they sail around the world!

Go team Neptune! 

Your fans at LSVT Global