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Two Free Webinars on LSVT and Stroke, Watch on Demand!

In honor of Stroke Awareness Month, LSVT featured two bonus webinars on application of LSVT therapies to stroke. Watch on demand and learn from experts in the field on their impact on communication and mobility with LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG.

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Learn about a Revolutionary Approach to the Delivery of LSVT BIG® Treatment

Hear from LSVT BIG Certified Clinicians as they discuss their revolutionary approach to delivering LSVT BIG treatment at the Minneapolis VA through combining in person and telehealth treatment!

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LSVT Global Partner Spotlight! Carol Walton, The Parkinson Alliance

Learn more about Carol J Walton and the amazing career she has had in raising awareness of Parkinson’s and tirelessly pursuing raising money for research as CEO of The Parkinson Alliance. We here at LSVT Global have truly enjoyed collaborating with you throughout the years and wish you all the best in your new adventure!

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Parkinson Awareness Month 2023: Get Involved!

Explore some ways that you can get involved in supporting Parkinson’s awareness this April. Join us as we get BIG and LOUD with events like these and with others this month and throughout the year!

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LSVT Global Team Member Spotlight! Geralyn Schulz Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Learn more about our LSVT Global Team member Geralyn Schultz, Ph.D., CCC-SLP. Dr Schultz is an enormously valuable member of our team who has worked to inspire the next generation of treatment researchers across the SLP, PT and OT professions. Thank you, Geralyn, for all you do for LSVT Global!

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Announcing our 2023 Student Treatment Research Grants!

LSVT Global offers up to six $1500 LSVT Global Student Grants (LSVT-SG) for Behavioral Treatment Studies with Adult and/or Pediatric Neurological Disorders will be awarded. Apply now!

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LSVT Global University Partner Spotlight! Ohio University

Hear from Brooke Vaughan from Ohio University about their long standing partnership with providing LSVT BIG Training & Certification to their DPT students and the value it ads to their education!

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Learn about LSVT® on Medbridge!

Did you know that you can learn about LSVT LOUD® and LSVT BIG® for Parkinson’s, pediatrics and other populations on MedBridge? If you are not already a member of Medbridge, save money with the code LSVTGIFT!

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Top 5 LSVT® Gifts for People with Parkinson’s and Therapists

Looking for unique and useful gifts for friends and family this holiday season? Read on to learn more about our top 5 recommended gifts from LSVT Global, Inc.

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LSVT Global Team Member Spotlight! Erica Vitek, LSVT BIG Faculty

Learn more about our LSVT Global Team member Erica Vitek. Erica is an extremely talented person who goes above and beyond for her patients and works to raise the bar for excellence in OT treatment for people with PD and beyond. Thank you, Erica, for all you do for LSVT Global, we are lucky to have you as a part of our team!

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