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LSVT Clinician Spotlight: Maureen Colket, MA, CCC-SLP

Learn more about our LSVT Spotlight Clinician Maureen Colket and her success with implementing LSVT LOUD for her clients! Thank you Maureen for all you do to improve the lives of those with Parkinson disease and other diagnoses.

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Announcing our 2023 Student Grant Winners!

Each of these four students received a $1,500 student research grant from LSVT Global, to be used during the 2023-2024 academic year. These unrestricted grants provide funding to help support their treatment research projects.

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New Film Release: Shaking Hands with the Devil

This new independent film follows David Plummer, noted wildlife photographer, conservationist, best-selling author and inspirational speaker, on his journey to Kenya where he first hand experiences the stigmatization of people with Parkinson’s Disease in that country.

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A Tribute: Shimon Sapir, PhD, CCC-SLP

Our treasured colleague and friend Shimon Sapir passed away this spring. For many, many years, we have been close to Shimon as a colleague and as a wonderful friend. The world has lost an amazing man and we are sharing our memories in his honor.

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Introducing LSVT for LIFE®!

Learn about our LSVT for LIFE® web-based exercise platform for people who have completed LSVT LOUD® or LSVT BIG® treatment and would like to benefit from LOUD for LIFE® and BIG for LIFE® classes!

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An LSVT Graduate on board the Neptune for the Ocean Globe Race 2023

The Ocean Globe Race will set sail on September 10th, 2023 with 14 teams from around the world. There is one team that is very special to us here at LSVT with Bertrand Delhom on board the ship Neptune. Follow their journey!

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How LSVT BIG Helped me in my Fight Against COVID: A Clinician’s Perspective

Read William’s own words on his path to the field of physical therapy, his personal fight to survive COVID-19 and how his training as a LSVT BIG therapist helped him in his own recovery.

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Changing Lives with Proven Therapies – Today and Tomorrow

Marking 20 years in business can prompt you to take a look back at what you have achieved.  It is also an opportunity to set your sights on what’s next. Read on to discover how our latest offerings are leading LSVT Global into the future.

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LSVT Global Partners with Physiotec to Provide a New Home Exercise Software Solution to LSVT BIG® Clinicians and Patients

Are you an LSVT BIG Certified clinician looking for a new way to motivate your clients with their home exercise programs? Learn about LSVT Global’s new partnership with Physiotec and how you can access a free trial!

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Report on the Impact of LSVT LOUD in Improving Communication of a Preschool Child and a Young Adult with Cerebral Palsy / Rapport clinique de l’impact du protocole LSVT LOUD pour améliorer la communication d’un enfant d’âge préscolaire et d’un jeune adulte ayant une paralysie cérébrale

This clinical report presents real-world clinical data on the use of LSVT LOUD to improve the communication of one preschooler and one young adult with cerebral palsy (CP). Treatment resulted in significant improvements in vocal loudness, communicative effectiveness, participation, and speech (for both clients) and velopharyngeal function (for the young adult) / Notre article clinique rapporte des données cliniques « réelles » relatives à l’utilisation du protocole LSVT LOUD pour améliorer la communication d’une enfant d’âge préscolaire et d’un jeune adulte ayant une paralysie cérébrale. L’intervention offerte a permis d’améliorer de façon significative l’intensité vocale, l’efficacité de la communication, la participation communicative et la parole (chez les deux patient(e)s), ainsi que la fonction vélopharyngée (chez le jeune adulte).

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