New Website FAQs

“Sorry invalid user name, please try again”

The email you are using may not match the email in our system. If that is the case, an LSVT Representative will need to update your email address.

If that is still not working, you may need an LSVT Representative to reset your password. You will be able to update your password upon logging in.  

Contact us and we will happily assist.

There are several reasons why your name may not appear in the clinician search. First, check if you have selected “Available in Clinician Search” in the “View/Update Profile” section of your clinician account. The checkbox should be ticked as below:

Click Here to view the video tutorial to Edit/Update your Clinician Profile

Every clinician who is visible is required to have an Organization associated with his/her account to appear in the Clinician Search.  he organization information is what is displayed publicly. If you are still not appearing in the search when the checkbox is ticked, it is likely that we don’t have organization information for you or your organization information did not get connected with your name during the data transfer.

Contact us we would be happy to assist.


Follow these video tutorials to try and update the information yourself:

Add Organization to Profile Video
Create New Organization Video
Edit Organization Video

The most likely reason you are having difficulties viewing the LSVT Global website is that you are using an outdated browser, such as Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and mainly exists today because some companies need it for legacy applications. Our new website is optimized for modern browsers.  

For best results, use the most recent version of Google Chrome.

Downloading an alternative browser is free and quick. Click HERE to download Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 should also work, but Chrome is the most stable.

Internet browsers routinely drop cookies and cache, which store internet usage on your device. If you have previously visited our website, you will need to clear the browser history, a term called “clearing cache.”

Clearing cache forces your browser to retrieve the most up to date internet files.  

You might also want to clear cache if you’re experiencing “page missing” or “unable to locate” errors (e.g., 404 errors or 502 errors).

For more details or instructions on how to clear cache, check out this short article.

Certain data fields from our old website were not compatible with our new system, for example, profile pictures, languages spoken, insurance accepted. You will need to update this information in your new clinician account. There are also expanded features in the new system, allowing you to enhance your existing profile. One highly requested new feature is the ability to add additional organizations.

Need more help? Click below for step by step video tutorials:

Edit/ Update Clinician Profile Tutorial

Add/Update Organization Tutorial

Accessing Course Tutorial


For additional help, please contact us at and we will happily assist.

For help with this, you can contact us and we will happily assist.


Click here to view a video walkthrough.

If you would like to do this yourself, here are some steps to do so:

  1. Log into your account from our main website
  2. Go to “Edit/View Profile”
  3. Click “Edit”
  4. Scroll down Under “Professional Information”
  5. Under “ASHA ID” you can change or add your ASHA ID number into the text box

You can also change whether or not you’d like us to report the information to ASHA with the “Report to ASHA” tab or you can choose “No” if you’d like to self-report.

Scroll back up and click “Save”

And now your AHSA ID information should be all updated and set

Only courses completed, webinars viewed, and purchases made after July 13, 2018, will be visible on these pages. Don’t worry – we have records of past information and can supply the information for you if needed.

The new search function utilizes the power of the Google application programming interface (API). This allows for improved and more accurate global address searching and is intended to make it easier to locate LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG certified clinicians around the world.

If you are looking for specific clinicians and are having difficulty locating them via our public search tool, contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

If you received a confirmation email for a course prior to July 11, 2018, the links to readings will not work. You will need access to new links that correspond with the new website. Just email to gain access to the new links.

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