I am now able to easily go to ball games….

I entered the LSVT BIG program by having my wife push me in a wheelchair. For the prior two years or more, I had used an electric scooter for mobility because I was not able to walk more than a couple of steps at a time. Within a few days, I started using my walker instead of my scooter. My main issue has been episodes of freezing where I could not walk at all. My issues were addressed immediately and within a few days I had learned tools to deal with freezing. Today, I am able to walk quite a distance without stopping.

At my graduation, I walked out of On With Life by myself! The On With Life therapists are wonderful, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They know that they change patients’ lives on a daily basis, but in my case, they also changed my family’s life. I am now able to easily go to ballgames, fish with my grand kids, and travel with my wife thanks to this program.


-- Harold A.