I attribute everything I’ve accomplished to LSVT BIG

At one time, I was stooped over, dragging my left leg, shuffling and using a cane for balance.  My doctor had suggested LSVT BIG for quite some time but my stubbornness, depression and bad attitude kept me from attending.  (I never thought anything would ever help me walk better!)  Finally, I decided I better pick myself up and start doing something about it or I would be in a wheelchair!   Of course, my amazing therapist, John asked what I wanted to accomplish!  Ha!  Was he kidding??  So, with a bit of an attitude, I told him I wanted to play volleyball again, ride my bike and wear heels again!  Boy, was I shocked with his comment – which I will never forget!  “Patti, you can do it!  With your attitude (ha!), determination and a lot of hard work, I think you’ll be able to do all of these things again!”  I was stunned!  But, he was right!  And, by the end of the four weeks of extensive training, I had packed my cane away in the closet!

And, I didn’t stop there!  To raise awareness for Parkinson’s and celebrate my accomplishments, I started riding my bike in 6 inch heels at Tour de Tucson and other fundraisers including a few for APDA!  Then in 2013, I was invited to audition for the Ms Senior AZ Pageant where I not only was selected to be a contestant but was chosen 1st Runner-Up and won the Talent portion of the Pageant – heels, bike and all!!

I certainly attribute it and everything I’ve accomplished to LSVT BIG!

-- Patti M.