Introducing LSVT for LIFE®!

LSVT Global is thrilled to introduce you to LSVT for LIFE, an extraordinary virtual exercise platform for LSVT graduates!

Hear what our class members have to say about LSVT for LIFE!

What is LSVT for LIFE?

LSVT for LIFE is a web-based exercise platform created for people who have completed LSVT LOUD® speech treatment and/or LSVT BIG® physical and occupational therapy treatment programs under the direction of LSVT Certified Clinicians. It was developed as a supportive tool to help keep people exercising with their louder voice and bigger movements, long after LSVT treatment has ended.

If you do not have BIG for LIFE® or LOUD for LIFE® classes in your area, have transportation barriers to attending an in person class, or just prefer the virtual option, you can now try LSVT for LIFE completely free of charge! Meet and interact with participants from all across the world in our classes.

  • LOUD for LIFE classes are for people who have completed the four-week LSVT LOUD speech therapy program.
  • BIG for LIFE classes are for people who have completed the four-week LSVT BIG physical or occupational therapy program.
  • Participate in both with the All Access Membership if you have received both treatments!

If you have not yet completed LSVT LOUD or LSVT BIG therapy and are intersted in finding a speech, physical or occupational therapist in your area, utilize our Find a Clinician tool on our website! 

Exclusive Invitation: A FREE 30-Day Trial

All new members will enjoy an introductory free 30-day trial of the membership of your choice. LSVT for LIFE members enjoy:

  • Fun, interactive, theme-based virtual-live LOUD for LIFE and/or BIG for LIFE group exercise classes for all ability levels, held weekly.
  • On demand LOUD for LIFE and/or BIG for LIFE class videos to make practicing convenient, anytime/anywhere.
  • Unlimited streaming of the LSVT Homework Helper Videos.
  • Videos of functional tips related to mobility, ADLs and communication.

Signing up for the 30-Day Trial

Participating in the LSVT for LIFE 30-day trial is simple, completely free and no credit card required. Click on the link above to start your trial now, visit our website to learn more or download the flyer to provide to a client, loved one or family member.

The LSVT for LIFE program has already transformed countless lives, and we can’t wait for you to experience the difference LSVT for LIFE can make in your life.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are here to support you every step of the way!

Interested in learning more? Watch this on-demand webinar!

Living BIG and LOUD with Post Graduate Exercise Classes

Discover the path to longer lasting LSVT treatment results with ongoing BIG for LIFE and LOUD for LIFE classes. Clinicians will learn about options to take the training course to lead their own group classes and how to refer clients to LSVT for LIFE virtual classes when a community option is not available. Clients will learn what a typical BIG for LIFE or LOUD for LIFE class entails and how to find one in your community or a virtual option.