LSVT BIG empowers my patients…

I am an occupational therapist with 16 years of experience.  One of my recent patients required substantial assistance to transfer to/from the commode, was using a wheelchair due to impaired balance and was unable to walk without assistance.  After just two weeks of LSVT BIG, my patient improved in his posture so much, was able to initiate toileting, able to stand up from the toilet independently and could walk within his room and in the facility with a cane.

I had another patient who was a frequent faller prior to LSVT BIG. She tremendously improved in her balance after treatment, and to date, she is still independently and socializing within her facility with no more falls.

Using LSVT BIG has taught me how to delay deterioration and empower my patients’ unlimited potential to improve.

LSVT BIG empowers individuals with the potential to keep active and moving as they improve their balance as they walk with bigger steps and improve their quality of life as they go back to doing the things they love to do.


-- Leah del Rosa, OT