“LSVT BIG training has impacted my daily clinical practice immensely”

My name is Poonam, and I am a physical therapist from India who has been practicing for over six years.  I was certified in LSVT BIG in September of 2020 through the Online LSVT BIG Training and Certification Course.

I have seen improvements in my patients’ movement overall, but specifically, my most recent patient had a reduction in his freezing episodes while turning, and he has more confidence to do his daily activities. He also made improvements in his UPDRS score, his fatigue, and his speed when moving from sitting to standing.

He loves to do his LSVT BIG exercises now, and he is even able to help his spouse more. He can now go to the bank, use the ATM, fill his car with gas, and shop for food alone.

Before LSVT BIG, he relied only on his medications to improve his movements. Now, he manages his movement also through daily exercise. With his doctor’s permission, he was able to stop his afternoon dose of medicine and still manages to do everything with ease and no complaints.

LSVT BIG training has impacted my daily clinical practice immensely. If I had one bit of advice for other therapists, I would say “Get certified. It’s worth it!”

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-- Poonam G., Physical Therapist