LSVT Clinician Spotlight: Jayme Brindle, MSPT

Jayme Brindle, MSPT, LSVT BIG Clinician, BIG for LIFE Instructor

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Jayme Brindle, MSPT and I have been a physical therapist for 21 years. I attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA and grew up in Ohio. I have always had a passion for neuro and later discovered a passion for vertigo and vestibular issues as well. For the past 9 years, I have worked in an outpatient hospital-affiliated clinic working with people with neurological and vestibular conditions. 

What made you decide to get LSVT BIG Certified?

A new co-worker joined our clinic approximately 2 years ago who had been LSVT BIG certified and asked if I would be interested in being certified so we could start a program at our clinic. I loved the certification program and instantly went into marketing this great program at our clinic. In our first year we had at least 12 people with Parkinson’s complete the program and have been growing ever since. 

What impact has your certification in LSVT BIG had on your practice?

I really enjoy working with people with Parkinson’s and seeing the tremendous improvement in mobility as they complete the program. I also love the education portion of working with people with Parkinson’s as we can spend so much more time with them than their neurologists. 

When and why did you decide to take the BIG for LIFE training?

Approximately 6 months after starting our LSVT BIG program, our graduating patients began asking me if I would consider starting a BIG for LIFE program as there were none available in our area. I went through the BIG for LIFE training and then it took me another 6 months to work out the logistics of starting my class.

Tell us about your BIG for LIFE class:

In the past year, I have had 18 LSVT BIG graduates attend at least one of my BIG for LIFE classes. On a weekly basis I have approximately 5-9 regular participants of all ability levels. I offer my BIG for LIFE class at a local church from 12-1 and then a short support group from 1-1:30. The class is sponsored by Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies; therefore, it is free for all participants. The last half an hour is a time for the participants to socialize and get to know each other, for me to give information they request about Parkinson’s, or to continue with the fun activities from class such as cornhole, bowling or ladder ball. 

Is there anything else you would like to share about LSVT BIG and BIG for LIFE’s impact on the lives of your clients?

In the clinic, I love treating patients but can get a little burned out with insurance and documentation demands. This class has renewed my passion for helping others which is the whole reason I became a PT. I have really gotten to know the participants much better and consider us a group of friends now. The participants who attend class regularly definitely maintain their gains from the LSVT BIG program better than those who do not attend regularly. 

The participants care about each other and ask about someone missing for the day. They regularly remark on how grateful they are for the class and comment on how they look forward to attending each week. I enjoy the opportunity to make each class unique and to be creative with different activities. No two classes are ever the same! Often, I will incorporate activities that current LSVT BIG participants are expressing difficulty within the clinic (which are turned into Functional Component Tasks) into my BIG for LIFE classes. I enjoy continuing to push participants to go outside their perceived barriers and use their BIG movements in activities they did not think they could do (like jumping jacks)! 

The BIG for LIFE classes also ensure that I am picking up on changes in their mobility quickly and asking them to see me for reassessment in the clinic, and it ensures compliance with regular tune ups in the clinic as well. My BIG for LIFE class is often the highlight of my week, especially the one I taught in a blow-up T-Rex costume for Halloween!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, exploring National Parks, and running!

Jayme teaching class in her T-Rex costume

Jayme is an incredible person both in her role of treating patients in the clinic and with providing opportunities for clients to succeed outside of the therapy environment with her BIG for LIFE classes. Her enthusiasm and spirit of adventure provide these very lucky clients an opportunity to not only exercise and improve their functional ability, but have fun while they are doing it! We are so excited to highlight all Jayme does and even more excited to be adding her to our team of LSVT for LIFE instructors this fall. Congratulations Jayme, you deserve all the recognition in the world! – Jenny Tuccitto, MPT, LSVT Global Director of Innovation and Communications

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