LSVT Global Partners with Wibbi to Provide a New Home Exercise Software Solution to LSVT BIG® Clinicians and Patients

The Competing Challenges of Time, Productivity, and Positive Patient Outcomes

Anyone who is a physical or occupational therapist understands the ever-present pressure of productivity while simultaneously striving to provide the best care to your patients. To achieve the best outcomes, the home exercises you prescribe are just as important as the therapy sessions you provide.

For people receiving physical and occupational therapies, your lives are full of other plans and duties besides going to therapy appointments, but you are choosing to invest in your health and wellness for a better tomorrow. To be successful, the home exercise program your therapist prescribes must be clear and easy to follow. Plus, when you have questions, being able to ask them immediately increases your success.

For both therapists and people receiving therapy like LSVT BIG® treatment, your mutual goal is to improve function through therapy and then maintain those improvements long after discharge from therapy. Continuing with the prescribed home exercise program is key to long lasting success.

Wibbi (formerly Physiotec)- A New Technology Solution for Busy LSVT BIG Clinicians and Patients

Up until now, the only option LSVT BIG Certified Clinicians had for providing the LSVT BIG home exercise instructions in their clinical practice was to print them. Mixing and matching the exercises, customizing the text, or changing the picture or font size is time consuming, taking precious minutes away from the treatment session.  

For many patients, paper copies of exercise instructions are not practical, and the instructions can be confusing. There are too many words, it’s hard to see the flow of the movement, and let’s be honest, we are all prone to misplacing them or spilling our morning coffee on them!

In 2022, after completing a needs analysis of LSVT BIG Certified Clinicians, LSVT Global entered a partnership with Wibbi, a well-known innovative exercise software platform that serves rehabilitation professionals globally. This collaboration enables LSVT BIG Certified Clinicians who subscribe to Wibbi to quickly create tailor-made home exercise programs for their LSVT BIG patients. For patients, there is no cost when their therapist is a Wibbi subscriber. 

10 things therapists can do through the LSVT BIG Home Exercise Program on Wibbi: 

  1. Build individualized online home exercise programs with the LSVT exercises, which include high quality color images, text, and easy to follow instructional videos. 
  2. Easily mix and match exercises, adjust repetitions, and modify the text and layout.
  3. Create and assign customized Functional Component Task and Hierarchy Task instructions, photos, and videos.
  4. Create home exercise logs for patients in addition to the exercise instructions.
  5. Send the exercise program via text, email and/or print them in a variety of layouts.
  6. Change the instructions and exercises on the fly as your patients progress or need adaptations.
  7. Track patients’ progress and participation to keep your patients motivated and improve their success.
  8. Dialogue in real time with the patient about their home exercise program, keeping them on track and motivated.
  9. Use for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) billing.
  10. Spend more time with your patients! 

Additionally, therapists can choose to subscribe to Wibbi’s entire library of exercises, not only the LSVT BIG exercises.

Save time. Step up your results.

  • Therapists can create and deliver high quality exercise programs in less time and have a new, effective way to track and support patients’ participation in a home exercise program. 
  • Patients have a better tool to be able to understand how to do their exercises and communicate with their therapists when they have questions or difficulties.  

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