LSVT LOUD changed my life

Recently my patient’s wife said to me, “Now THAT’S the man I married. Do you realize that this is the first time in years we are having a conversation?”

Another of my patients commented to me, “My brother said ‘I don’t know what kind of therapy that lady is doing with you but tell her to keep doing it.’ I’ve now decided to go to my high school reunion because now I know I’ll be heard. I knew my voice was bad but I didn’t know what to do to get it better. LSVT LOUD changed my life.”

If I could give advice to therapists considering training in LSVT LOUD, I’d say “Read the research, focus on evidence-based practice, and recall all of your dysarthria therapy for patients with Parkinson’s Disease which failed.” I would also emphasize that there is no such thing as a “modified-LSVT program.”


-- Daphne Santa, MS, CCC-SLP