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Making Intensive Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD®) Accessible for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Mixed Dysarthria Using a Novel, Pre-Treatment Protocol

One key takeaway is that pre-treatment protocols can be designed and implemented to give children who are otherwise deemed unable to participate in LSVT LOUD a chance to train and prepare for the gold-standard protocol which may open the door to functional communication and the chance to have some control of their speech.

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New Research! Improving communication in background noise for people with Parkinson’s.

Results showed that speech intelligibility of words in the presence of both noise conditions improved in participants with Parkinson’s who had LSVT LOUD compared to the groups that had LSVT ARTIC or no treatment. The ability to be understood can improve the quality of life for people with PD and this is really what the goal of any therapy should be, so it is exciting to be able to report these results.

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The effects of intensive speech treatment on intelligibility in Parkinson’s disease: A randomised controlled trial

Combined with improvements to acoustic measures and communicative efficiency reported in previous studies, our findings suggest that SLPs’ patients with PD will experience improvements in speech communication and quality of life if treatment targeting voice is included in their patients’ care plan.

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