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Telepractice Delivery of LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG: What you need to know

Join LSVT BIG Faculty as they discuss unique challenges faced by individuals with atypical or advanced Parkinsonian disorders. The presentation will include information on how LSVT BIG can improve mobility for these individuals and how treatment can be adapted to fit the unique needs often encountered in these populations.

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Intensive speech therapy (LSVT LOUD) for clients with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy – one clinician’s experience.

“We started using the LOUD program with a teen and 4-year-old with Down syndrome. Both families reported their child to be easier to understand, more talkative, more fluent, and had multiple unsolicited feedback from teachers, friends, distant family members, and church acquaintances about these changes…” Read on to learn more.

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