Heather Hodges MA, CCC-SLP

Ms. Hodges received her master’s degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences from the University of Colorado. She has been part of Dr. Ramig’s research team since 2004. Ms. Hodges is a consultant, expert clinician, training and certification faculty and CE Administrator with LSVT Global. She also enjoys her role within LSVT Global collaborating and presenting on Google’s Project Euphonia, which aims to improve voice recognition software for those with dysarthria and dysphonia. In addition to specializing in neurogenic voice and speech disorders, Ms. Hodges worked for 13 years at an outpatient hospital specializing in diagnosing and treating dysphagia, dysphonia, and upper airway disorders. She has presented nationally and internationally on LSVT LOUD, Parkinson’s disease, PVFM/VCD, cough, and dysphagia. Ms. Hodges has published articles and a book chapter on speech treatments for upper airway disorders. Educating others on the diagnosing and treatment of upper airway disorders remains a focus and passion for her.