Thomas Brauer

Thomas Brauer is head of the school for logopedics at Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany, since 1985. For 27 years he has been a member of the board of Deutscher Bundesverband fuer Logopaedie (the German professional organization of SLTs). Since 2007 Thomas is organizing LSVT LOUD and BIG workshops in Germany. He translated the LSVT Companion into German and supports clinicians and patients in handling the companion. He also produced the German version of the DVD “LSVT BIG Homeworkhelper!”.

2013 LSVT Global appointed him “LSVT Global Representative – Germany”.

Thomas Brauer is SLT, teacher for speech and language disorders caused by neurological disorders and dementia. He grew up in North-West Germany and resides in Mainz (close to Frankfurt), Germany since 1975.