The LSVT training was best investment…

I have been working in the rehabilitation field of healthcare for the last 20 years, and during that time I have seen and learned many different techniques, program, and modalities.  When I was introduced to the LSVT model, I could see where the idea behind it made sense and that it could be empowering for those with Parkinson’s and that was enough for us to decide to do a ‘pilot program’ here at our outpatient center.  In 2013 our team took what they learned from the LSVT training and designed a comprehensive program that included monthly follow up and support for those that completed the training.

From that very first “pilot program” session, I have seen amazing things happen!  We have seen our persons served improve in gait, balance, communication, fine motor skills, social skills, affect….and the list goes on!  People are living again!  What I love most is hearing the stories of our persons served that felt beat down from their diagnosis, depressed, and felt that Parkinsons was winning the battle….but then they do LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD and they have a new lease on life!  They are getting up and going, becoming socially more involved, traveling, and enjoying life again.  This program makes a BIG difference in more than one way!

Since the initial start of our program we have continued to add to what we can offer the Parkinson’s community in our area.  We have started offering a wellness boxing program utilizing the LSVT core exercises, we have our monthly check in, potlucks, 5k group walks, and in July 2017 we are having our 1st Annual LSVT Reunion!  Our LSVT participants are like family.  We have built amazing connections and relationships with these individuals, have seen them flourish and live life!  The LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD training was best investment I could have made in our staff and our program here at On With Life Outpatient, because with it we have been able to utilize it to make the difference in the lives of others!


-- Tammy Miller, COTA/L, BS, CBIS, CCM