“This was one of the most functional and fulfilling courses we both have ever taken…”

We are physical therapists who have been practicing for over seven years.  The LSVT BIG Training and Certification Course was one of the most functional and fulfilling courses we both have ever taken.  It is so fulfilling to watch a patient progress through the program. We recently provided LSVT BIG treatment to a man in his early 40s with Parkinson’s disease.  He made incredible gains after four weeks of LSVT BIG, and he even starting showing gains after just one session.

When he came to us, he was spending the majority of his day in a power or manual wheelchair, only taking very short steps to maneuver in his small bathroom.  He was falling often.  He was unable to work or do much of anything he enjoyed such as cooking or even standing, let alone hiking.

He is now ambulating with NO assistive device most of the time and is standing and cooking dinner for his wife.  He can do stairs with no railing in a step-through pattern, instead of placing both feet on each step.  He recently went to a local fair and walked for over three hours with walking sticks over uneven ground.

These are all fantastic changes, but what makes us the happiest to see how much his demeanor has changed. When we started, he wore a baseball hat pulled down low over his eyes and did not joke or smile. He stopped wearing the hat, jokes and laughs all the time, and walks with his head held high.

Our patient is beyond excited and impressed! He made a very profound statement at his last session that he needs to look at this program like a medication. He would never not take one of his medications, so he can’t not do his exercises every day. We could not agree more.

-- Amy and Scott B, Physical Therapists