2021 LSVT Global Student Grant Awardees

We congratulate the 2021 Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy Student Grant Recipients!

Each of these four students received a $1,500 student research grant from LSVT Global, to be used during the 2021-2022 academic year. These unrestricted grants provide funding to help support their treatment research projects.

Speech-Language Pathology


Lyle Tadmor, MS Student, Haifa University

Applying the OPTIMAL Theory in Respiratory Muscle Training Setting

The present study is aimed to examine whether applying the OPTIMAL theory to a task involving maximum expiration will positively and immediately affect the performance in healthy adults and in people with Parkinson’s Disease. Respiratory muscle training is a common treatment offered in the field of swallowing and voice treatments and is highly relevant to people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). We will examine whether the three conditions result in better motor performance compared to a control condition. Furthermore, it will examine whether the performance (maximum exhalation intensity in each condition) correlates with the Cognitive Engagement Index which consists of a single-channel EEG marker, and subjective motivation questionnaires filled by the participants.


Victoria Tilton-Bolowsky, PhD Student, MGH Institute of Health Professions 

Incorporating Strategy Training into Naming Treatment to Improve Generalization in Aphasia

The main goal of this study is to test the efficacy of a treatment protocol that combines explicit strategy training with Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA) treatment. This project’s short-term goal is to provide evidence that the inclusion of strategy training in naming treatment can improve the scope of gains that can be expected from naming treatment. The long-term goal of this work is to improve communication-related quality of life for people with aphasia by ensuring that every therapeutic activity has the potential to translate into everyday life.

Physical Therapy


Emily Gard, DPT Student, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions 

The effects of Tele-based Versus Combined Wellness Programs on Functional Outcome Measures in Individuals with MS

This project expands on previous behavioral treatment studies, which demonstrated that group telewellness exercise programs are feasible, safe, and yield changes in functional outcomes over time. In the proposed study, we will retrospectively compare the effects of participating in a tele-based wellness program to that of a combined (in-person and tele) program on functional outcomes in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Occupational Therapy

Neda Alizadeh, PhD Student, Dalhousie University

Evaluating the Feasibility of Managing Fatigue: Individual Program for People Living with Parkinson`s Disease (PD)

This randomized controlled pilot study will evaluate the feasibility, and the preliminary effectiveness of the individual format of the Managing Fatigue program, named “Managing Fatigue: The Individual Program (MFIP)” delivered to 54 community-dwelling people with PD.

Learn about our 2021 speech, physical, and occupational therapy student grant opportunities. Up to six $1500 Student Research Grants will be Awarded.

  • Two awards each for students in speech, physical and occupational therapy programs
  • Studies need to be behavioral treatment research in neurological conditions (adult or pediatric)
  • Treatment does NOT need to be LSVT related
  • Open to domestic and international applicants

For additional information and application information on our 2022 student grant competition for speech, physical, and occupational therapy students, please contact us.

“We are extremely proud of the diverse topics and strong research designs this year’s recipients represent. It is a great honor for LSVT Global to seed future researchers in the fields of speech, physical and occupational therapy. It is our hope that these opportunities will ignite a passion and life-long pursuit of treatment research in these young scholars. Congratulations to all the winners!” Cynthia Fox, PhD, CCC-SLP; CEO, LSVT Global

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