Calling All Students: Discover the Power of LSVT LOUD® and LSVT BIG® Certification

Becoming LSVT LOUD or LSVT BIG Certified as a student is easy and a great way to take your skills to the next level before you graduate! 

Five reasons why you should get certified:

Certification demonstrates ambition and achievement that is above and beyond an already
rigorous course load. Future employers are sure to notice.

Nearly 1 million people in the US are living with Parkinson Disease. Graduate with confidence that you know exactly how to effectively help them.

LSVT is for more than just Parkinson Disease! Learn about research and application to a variety of diagnoses including stroke, atypical PD and pediatrics.

Getting certified before your clinical experiences provides you with the opportunity to practice your LSVT techniques under the mentorship of a LSVT Certified Clinician and to educate facilities on this treatment option.

Certification is nearly half the regular price! Enjoy significant discounts as a student therapist, resident or clinical fellow. Click here to learn more and graduate with a strong foundation and confidence to treat patients.

There are multiple ways to get certified. Choose the one that fits your learning style!  


Complete the training on your own or with a group of fellow students. These courses are pre-recorded, so you can learn anytime, anywhere. You have 60 days to complete the training and the certification exam is built right into the course.

Virtual Live

In this course, you’ll do a few hours of pre-recorded learning on your own, and then you’ll attend two days of live instruction via Zoom.  You will be able to ask questions live, practice with other students and clinicians and even volunteers with Parkinson’s.

For those of you SLP students who are more interested in pediatrics than geriatrics, we have the LSVT LOUD® for KIDS course. Be sure to check it out!

University Groups

If you have a group of students who want to get LSVT Certified, learn about our University training program. Faculty can also get certified along with your students. Download this free University Training Guide to learn more of visit our Students and Faculty section of our website. If you have a group of students from your university who would like to get trained, email

Click HERE to access the handout

Intended Audience: University students and faculty members, clinical instructors, academic fieldwork coordinators

Webinar – From Classroom to Clinic: LSVT Training and Certification Options for University Programs

At LSVT Global, we believe it’s critical to equip students with training in solid, evidence-based treatments so they are prepared for clinical practice. Join this one-hour webinar to learn about training opportunities that are available to Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy students and faculty at a discounted price. Discover how the learning plan can be customized so students can take the course independently, together as a group, or a blend of both. University faculty will learn about how the online LSVT courses can be built into the curriculum, different lab and practice options, and how to facilitate the best student experience. Clinical and fieldwork instructors will learn about practical benefits of LSVT student certification.

What is the cost for LSVT Certification?

For all training options, you will never pay full price if you are a student. We want you to graduate with a strong foundation and the confidence to treat patients with Parkinson’s and other conditions.

We have special rates for students, fellows and clinical residents. Plus, if a group of five or more register together, each registrant receives an additional discount.  In some cases, faculty can get trained at discounted rate as well.

What is included?

Your registration not only pays for the course itself, but also provides for:

  • Ongoing access to clinical experts via email and Zoom Office Hours.
  • Free live and on demand webinars on a wide variety of topics for both you and your patients.
  • Access to continuously updated treatment and assessment materials in multiple languages.
  • Listing on the LSVT Clinician directory for referrals (after graduation).
  • Additional support and marketing resources to help you grow your practice.

Webinar – The Latest and The Greatest! New Applications of LSVT LOUD to Pediatrics, Swallowing, Machine Learning, and Global Impact

This informative webinar explores the evolution and impact of LSVT LOUD, an evidence-based speech treatment approach for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. LSVT LOUD is a specialized voice therapy program designed to improve vocal loudness and overall communication abilities.

In this webinar, we will delve into the fascinating history of LSVT LOUD, tracing its origins, development, and transformative impact on individuals living with Parkinson’s disease. We will explore the underlying principles and techniques employed in LSVT LOUD, shedding light on the science behind this efficacious therapy.

Additionally, our expert presenters will discuss the application of LSVT LOUD to individuals with other neurological conditions, including pediatric populations. The presentation will provide valuable insights into the latest advancements and research findings related to LSVT LOUD, highlighting its continued effectiveness in the present day. The webinar will include success stories, research, and clinical outcomes achieved by LSVT LOUD over the years, showcasing the positive impact it has had on individuals worldwide.

Whether you are a speech-language pathologist, healthcare professional, researcher, or someone interested in learning more about voice and speech therapy, this webinar offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the past and present of LSVT LOUD. Discover how this innovative therapy approach has revolutionized the field of speech therapy and improved the lives of individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions.

After you graduate

You might be wondering if you are required to retake the course or pay an additional fee to become officially LSVT Certified after you graduate if you were certified as student. Absolutely not.  Once you are LSVT Certified as a student you are officially LSVT Certified.

Simply contact us to request a free professional upgrade! After you land your first job where you can offer LSVT BIG or LSVT LOUD, you can list your contact information on the Clinician Directory for referrals.


  1. View LSVT LOUD & LSVT BIG References HERE
  2. View this webinar to learn more! The origins of LSVT® therapies and how they shaped the effective treatment we deliver today!
  3. Visit this webinar to learn about a University program’s success! The Impact of LSVT BIG Certification on Graduate Students (SUNY Downstate Alumni)
  4. Explore options for becoming LSVT LOUD or LSVT BIG certified HERE

If you are a speech-language pathologist, physical therapist, or occupational therapist or assistant and would like a certificate for viewing a public on demand webinar, please follow the below steps:

  1. View the webinar in its entirety.
  2. Click HERE to complete a survey.
  3. LSVT Global will verify your viewing of the webinar and email you a certificate.

NOTE: LSVT Global webinars are not state or ASHA-registered for CEUs so you will need to retain your certificate if you would like to self-report your activity.