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think BIG ! – how I fight Parkinson´s with LSVT BIG

Find LSVT Clinicians View Courses & Products A description from video maker Anders M. Leines: This is a film about my introduction to LSVT BIG, an exercise program meant to delay, or even stop or reverse some of the negative changes that happen to a person with Parkinson´s Disease. The video represents my personal experience with the exercise program and the physical therapists at FRAM Helserehab outside Oslo, Norway, and I wanted to share it. I strongly believe in physical exercise as a way of fighting the impact of the disease has on your body. And "lsvt BIG" just makes sense to me. contact Anders Leines at:  or comment on his youtube pageContinue Reading

Insights about movement from a person with Parkinson’s

Find LSVT Clinicians View Courses & Products Hear a man with Parkinson’s discuss some of his first symptoms of PD and some of the challenges he has with daily activities.Continue Reading

General Tips for Moving BIG in Everyday Life

Find LSVT CliniciansView Course & Product This short clip from the LSVT BIG Homework Helper Video Volume 2 summarizes how bigger movements learned during LSVT BIG treatment should be used in daily life.Continue Reading

Improve Communication and Movement with LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG

Find LSVT Clinician View Courses & ProductsContinue Reading

LSVT BIG therapy for people with Parkinson disease

Find LSVT Clinicians View Courses & Products This video is of a man with Parkinson disease walking to his car before and after receiving LSVT BIG therapy. LSVT BIG is a physical/occupational therapy program developed for people with Parkinson disease. This protocol is based on the successful LSVT LOUD speech treatment program for people with Parkinson disease. LSVT BIG is delivered by either a physical or occupational therapist who has been trained and certified in the LSVT BIG program. To learn more about LSVT BIG or find a certified clinician in your area, please visit Reading

Pre to post treatment videos of LSVT BIG in a man with Parkinson’s

Find LSVT Clinicians View Courses & Products Watch a series of pre/post physical therapy tests on a man with Parkinson's disease who completed LSVT BIG. LSVT BIG is a four week (one hour/day; four days/week, for four weeks) physical or occupational therapy program designed to improve movement and balance in people with PD.Continue Reading

LSVT BIG Homework Helper Sample Video Clips

Find LSVT CliniciansView Course & Products These are clips from the LSVT BIG Homework Helper DVD. This is not a replacement for LSVT BIG therapy. To purchase, go to or (and search LSVT BIG).Continue Reading

LSVT BIG can improve buttoning

Find LSVT Clinicians View Courses & Products Learn how a person with Parkinson's can use LSVT BIG strategies to improve buttoning. These are techniques that are taught as part of the LSVT BIG treatment program. www.lsvtglobal.comContinue Reading