Enhancing Clinic Revenue and Patient Satisfaction through an Effective RTM Program

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LSVT BIG® physical and occupational therapy is well-known for its efficacy in addressing movement impairments and improving functional abilities in individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other conditions. The integration of technology such as Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) opens up new avenues for therapists to extend their reach and provide ongoing support to patients beyond traditional in-person sessions.

Join Matthew Jurek, DPT, CSCS, Wibbi’s RTM specialist to learn how to implement an RTM program that will:

  • Enhance clinic efficiency and revenue
  • Optimize outcomes for patients with Parkinson’s disease and other chronic conditions
  • Enhance patient engagement through ongoing communication, monitoring, and support after they complete LSVT BIG treatment or other intervention
  • Personalize your care plans – improve your patients’ long-term adherence to their home exercise program and adjust treatment plans in real-time
  • Provide patient data to empower more informed decision-making and goal setting

As an expert in the use of RTM in physical therapy, Matthew will share practical strategies illustrating the successful integration of RTM into therapy practices. Moreover, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive Q&A session, gaining further clarity on how to implement RTM effectively in their clinical settings.

Whether you are certified in LSVT BIG or not, don’t miss this chance to stay at the forefront of innovation and discover how Remote Therapeutic Monitoring can empower you to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other chronic conditions.

Intended Audience: Allied health professionals