LSVT Clinician Spotlight: Maureen Colket, MA, CCC-SLP

Maureen Colket, MA, CCC-SLP, LSVT LOUD Clinician

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a speech-language pathologist with FOX Rehab. I started my work as an SLP in 2007 after graduating from Temple University.  I have worked in pediatric and adult settings because I love to try everything but have now settled in working with older adults! I’m on the Media Team with FOX Rehab and have had the pleasure of helping with podcasts and writing blog articles.  My kids have even made some cameos within the practice content and I’m so proud that they know what I do!  I live in Westtown, PA with my husband, mother-in-law, 7-year-old daughter, and 3-year-old son.

What made you decide to get LSVT LOUD Certified?

I had been aware of LSVT LOUD for a while and finally came across an opportunity that worked for me in 2019.  It was a lot of fun because there were about six of us who completed the course together at our FOX home office in Cherry Hill.  

What impact has your certification in LSVT LOUD had on your practice?

The LSVT LOUD certification has made a huge impact in my practice.  I am able to recommend a fantastic therapy program to my patients and also be the provider. I have enjoyed providing this program to patients with other neurologic disorders such as multiple sclerosis with good result, so it is very clear to me that this protocol is not just for patients with Parkinson’s disease!

Maureen and her husband
Maureen’s kids George (3) & Ellie (7)

Why would you recommend that therapists get certified in LSVT LOUD? 

Due to the nature of our profession, the number of patients who can benefit from LSVT LOUD is only increasing. This is an extremely valuable certification to have, and you get so much more than just a certification. The LSVT Global community is great! There are countless resources at your disposal once you are LSVT LOUD certified including continuing education, research articles, Facebook community to answer questions and have discussions about various topics, and the faculty are extremely responsive and helpful with any questions posed!

Tell us something fun or interesting about yourself! 

Outside of my work, I love to cook and share a meal with family and friends. I can also play multiple instruments: piano, guitar, violin, and clarinet. Music is very important to me! I love everything from classical to bluegrass to rock and roll. 

It is such a delight to feature enthusiastic and enterprising colleagues like Maureen. Her passion for speech-language pathology as a profession, and life in general, can be felt through her words and interactions she shares across all media platforms. Thank you, Maureen, for providing high quality LSVT LOUD treatment to people with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. We look forward to our continued journey together and love having you as part of the LSVT LOUD community.

– Cynthia Fox, CEO and Co-Founder LSVT Global

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