LSVT Global Partner Spotlight! FOX Rehabilitation

Dr. Travis King, PT, DPT, GCS-EMERITUS, Chief Quality Officer

Tell us about yourself and your role in partnering with LSVT Global?

I have been with FOX Rehabilitation since 2008. In my tenure, I have been a treating clinician, Regional Director of Operations, Vice President of Quality Assurance and Professional Development, and Chief Quality Officer.

My role focuses on training new clinicians who join our practice. FOX has a dedicated team both in our home office and the field that focuses on clinician development and training. This is how I became introduced to LSVT Global. Through word of mouth and some of our clinicians becoming certified in LSVT, we started looking into the program, and through our investigation we saw that there were clear benefits from becoming certified. We felt that we could better serve our patients with Parkinson’s disease if we could further support certification through BIG and LOUD.

How long has your company been partnering with LSVT Global?

We have been partnering with LSVT Global for around eight years.

 Why did your company decide to host LSVT Training and Certification Courses?

We found that our staff was seeking certification-based training that would directly impact the way they care for their patients. Since FOX focuses on the older adult, we see a lot of patients with Parkinson’s disease. If you put that together with LSVT’s practical approach to care, it became clear that hosting courses and making LSVT training available to our staff would accelerate our goal to provide best in class care to the older adult. I also like the fact that it is a certification. It’s nice for our staff to walk away with something tangible to represent their professional growth.

How has this partnership supported your organization and it’s therapists?

The partnership with LSVT has allowed our practice to offer access to LSVT training which translates into evidence-based practical care for the older adult and professional growth for our staff. As we often say, “Happy well-trained clinicians make good healthcare!” We believe in investing in the clinical and professional growth of our clinicians.

How has this partnership supported your clients?

Our patients are the ones that reap the benefits of our well-trained staff. Older adults with Parkinson’s get the opportunity to live a life filled with mobility which they thought was no longer possible.

 Tell us something fun or unique about your company!

FOX Rehabilitation takes pride in our culture, one that has been in place since Dr. Tim Fox started our practice in 1998. We operate as a team, where every colleague is heard and respected, as we strive to provide the best clinical care as possible for our patients. We often speak about an “exchange of abundance,” which is giving more than what is expected. I believe our culture makes us unique, which provides a great destination for any clinician who wants to feel valued and grow as a professional.

As for “fun,” our practice continues to expand—we treat patients across half of the United States—which nowadays makes it difficult for everyone to come together in one, central location.

To keep our team unity intact, this year we hosted our first ever FOX Spirit Night, a virtual event that was attended by colleagues across our entire practice. All of our regional teams created videos and skits where they were asked to exemplify our culture. The winning team was from Detroit, who not only won our inaugural Team Spirt Award, but was also thrown an after-work outing of their choosing, which was attended by members of our leadership team, including our founder, Dr. Tim Fox and our CEO, Dr. Robyn Kjar. I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

“We take great pride in our collaboration with FOX Rehabilitation. Their innovative, team oriented, and evidence-based culture aligns perfectly with LSVT Global and our LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG treatments. We have seen the value in FOX’s commitment to training their therapists year after year, and as Travis so eloquently stated, it is the patients who win.  We look forward to growing our relationship and global impact with FOX Rehabilitation in the years to come!”

-Cynthia Fox, CEO & Co-Founder, LSVT Global