Navigating Masks and Parkinson’s disease – keeping yourself heard!

For a person with Parkinson’s disease, communicating while wearing a mask can provide extra challenges. Here are a few tips that may improve communication.

  • Increase vocal loudness (but not yelling or shouting)
  • Speak slower and in shorter phrases
  • Look directly at your communication partner to optimize hearing and intelligibility
  • Tell your listener what topic you are going to be talking about
  • Ask yes/no clarifying questions as needed
  • Reduce background noise
  • Use personal amplification devices
  • Use a clear mask where the mouth is visible
  • Gesture to convey your message  
  • Consider alternative ways to communicate (written, text, text to speech)

Additional considerations for people with PD

  • Speak with increased effort. Use the voice and effort you would use to be heard in background noise, even when in a quiet environment.
  • Check-in with your speech therapist for specific recommendations for you.
  • Speak in shorter sentences, focusing on a good vocal effort.
  • Hydrating is harder when wearing a mask. Ensure you are staying hydrated throughout your day when not masked.


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