Everything you need to know about the origins of LSVT LOUD® and LSVT BIG® for Parkinson’s, Pediatrics and other Populations!

Have you ever wondered what LSVT® stands for and where this evidence-based treatment for people who have Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions came from?

Listen in to this NEW On Demand webinar with LSVT Global Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Cynthia Fox as she recounts the history of LSVT from its inception by Dr. Lorraine Ramig to current day.

Four Fun Facts:

  1. LSVT stands for “Lee Silverman Voice Treatment”, but who is Lee Silverman? Join us to learn more!
  2. LSVT BIG, the well-known treatment for movement delivered by physical and occupational therapists actually came from a speech treatment delivered by speech language pathologists. How and why did this happen?
  3. There are over 100 studies that have been published on LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG over the last 30 years. Interested in knowing the impact of this evidence?
  4. Is LSVT just for Parkinson Disease? Learn about the published studies on application to other disorders.

Listen to Dr. Fox address more questions like these:

     What does the cumulation of over 30 years of research on LSVT mean for people living with PD and other populations?

     Do those treatment fundamentals that emerged in the beginning still persist today?

     How has the history of development and research impacted how treatment is delivered today?

LSVT Global Founders

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“The origins of LSVT® Therapies and how they shaped the effective treatment we deliver today!”