StrivePD: Your Parkinson’s Care Companion

StrivePD is a free iOS disease management application — FDA-cleared on the Apple Watch — that passively collects tremor and dyskinesia data via Apple’s Movement Disorder API. People with Parkinson’s (PwPD) can download the app and explore interactive charts to track their symptoms over time and understand how medications and physical activity / exercise impact them. With StrivePD, users gain insights to guide their care journey, and have the ability to share their data with clinical specialists for a personalized strategy. The StrivePD and LSVT Global team have joined forces to empower PwPD through the combined power of personalized insights and exercise. With this partnership, StrivePD users can now track their symptoms in between and during LSVT BIG sessions. Mobility metrics with symptom and medication data will help clinicians and PwPD further understand how LSVT or other physical activity are impacting their disease progression. The goal is to provide a more comprehensive picture of PD, enabling PwPD and clinicians to make informed decisions. During this webinar session, discover how StrivePD can become your patients’ valuable care companion, providing personalized insights to support their Parkinson’s management. Please note that StrivePD is suitable for individuals at any stage of their Parkinson’s journey, regardless of their treatment therapy. The application is available to download for free on the Apple iOS app store. For more information, please visit

Intended Audience: Health professionals, individuals living with PD and their loved ones

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