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The Impact of LSVT BIG® Certification on Graduate Students and Entry-Level Clinicians (SUNY Downstate Alumni)

The Impact of LSVT BIG® Certification on Graduate Students and Entry-Level Clinicians (SUNY Downstate Alumni) By Katelin Faria, OTS; Evelin Hernandez, OTS: Lila Nadelmann, OTS; Shelbie Ramalanjaona, OTS Advisor: Dr. Nancy Kline,  PhD, OTR/L, BCG, LSVT BIG Certified SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University Some background information: We are occupational therapy students at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. During our master’s program, we conducted research on the impact obtaining LSVT BIG certification had on SUNY Downstate Alumni. Though the impact of LSVT BIG on patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) has been well documented, little to no research exists demonstrating the impact LSVT BIG certification has on students and rehabilitation professionals who hold the certification. Students who complete the certification at SUNY Downstate typically do so during their last semester of their entry-level master’s program. The course is facilitated by an occupational therapist and certified LSVT BIG clinician, Dr. Nancy Kline during the last spring semester of SUNY Downstate’s Occupational Therapy Master’s Degree Program. It is offered as a two-day, sixteen-hour hybrid course — partly online and partly in person — and costs $300 to register. For a practicing professional, the extra expense and time commitment may not be of much concern,

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LSVT Global Announces New Volunteer Program for People with Parkinson’s

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Gain a rewarding experience that also provides an opportunity to practice LSVT LOUD® or LSVT BIG® exercises with expert feedback from LSVT faculty! People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) are invited to volunteer during our Virtual Live LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG Training and Certification Courses.  These virtual courses provide live instruction using Zoom to train speech, physical and occupational therapists from around the world in the LSVT methods. During the second day of each course, our volunteers with PD spend about one hour interacting with the course participants to give them an opportunity to practice their newly learned skills.  For the volunteers, it is a wonderful opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, get a “workout,” and receive a small compensation for their time.  Margie, a volunteer from Colorado, comments,  To reference Aristotle, ‘The essence of life is to serve others and do good.’ I feel that I am accomplishing that goal through participating in the clinicians’ certification process with LSVT BIG and LOUD. But it is really not in my giving, because this is a win-win situation. I feel that I receive so much more than what I have given. Yes, I do give up a weekend afternoon, but

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