LSVT Global Announces New Volunteer Program for People with Parkinson’s

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Gain a rewarding experience that also provides an opportunity to practice LSVT LOUD® or LSVT BIG® exercises with expert feedback from LSVT faculty! People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) are invited to volunteer during our Virtual Live LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG Training and Certification Courses.  These virtual courses provide live instruction using Zoom to train speech, physical and occupational therapists from around the world in the LSVT methods.

During the second day of each course, our volunteers with PD spend about one hour interacting with the course participants to give them an opportunity to practice their newly learned skills.  For the volunteers, it is a wonderful opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, get a “workout,” and receive a small compensation for their time. 

Man with open mouth using laptop at tableMargie, a volunteer from Colorado, comments, 

To reference Aristotle, ‘The essence of life is to serve others and do good.’ I feel that I am accomplishing that goal through participating in the clinicians’ certification process with LSVT BIG and LOUD. But it is really not in my giving, because this is a win-win situation. I feel that I receive so much more than what I have given. Yes, I do give up a weekend afternoon, but it has allowed me to meet clinicians from around the world and develop relationships with other people with Parkinson’s. I feel that it has made a difference in their lives and has definitely enhanced mine. It has provided me with skills to live my best life.

Read more about Margie’s story here.

FAQS about the LSVT Global Volunteer Program

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1. How do I sign up? 

Simply fill out the form for the type of course you wish to volunteer for: LSVT LOUD, LSVT BIG or complete both if you would consider both types. Our team will then be in contact with you will walk you through next steps of meeting with one of our LSVT faculty via Zoom and setting up a technical check. Once approved, you can let us know the dates you are available to volunteer. 

Download our volunteer flyer here and feel free to share it with people with PD who you know.

2. How long are the sessions? 

The interactive sessions take about 90 minutes including prep time and “wrap up” at the end.  

3. Will I have to volunteer for every course? 

No, you can volunteer as often as you wish. We are appreciative of any time that you can participate.

4. Does it matter if I have not received LSVT LOUD or LSVT BIG? 

We accept volunteers who have not received LSVT LOUD or LSVT BIG and those who have.  If you have not received these treatments, it is a nice opportunity to try some of the exercises and get a taste of how these therapies could help you. These interactive exercises sessions are not therapy in and of themselves.

5. Will I be safe? 

Although we cannot be there physically to assist you, we do take safety precautions. For example, we can adapt exercises to a seated position and select tasks which you feel safe doing. It is also a good idea to have a support person with you in case you need help.

6. Do I need any special equipment? 

The main thing you will need is a chair to sit on and a computer or tablet which has a built-in camera and microphone. We use Zoom, so it is important to have a stable internet connection as well.  We will set up a technical check with you to test your device and provide any instruction needed on how to use Zoom.

7. When are the sessions? 

The interactive sessions occur on the second day of a LSVT LOUD or LSVT BIG course, usually a Saturday. Upcoming courses dates: 



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