Parkinson Awareness Month: We got involved, so can you!

In the month of April LSVT Global will work along with the global Parkinson’s community to increase awareness of Parkinson’s disease in honor of the more than 10 million people worldwide living with PD. This month is full of events and activities to raise awareness and opportunities to get involved! It’s time to get up, get moving, get vocal and raise awareness about PD.

Here’s a highlight on some of the ways that LSVT Global is supporting Parkinson’s awareness and partnering with organizations around the world. Join us as we get BIG and LOUD with events like these and with others this month and throughout the year!

Sit 2 Stand Challenge, April 11th

We are teaming up with Neuro Heroes (UK), Rock Steady Boxing (USA), UTurn Parkinson’s (Canada), PD Avengers and others around the world in honor of World Parkinson Day to support the Sit 2 Stand Challenge on Monday, April 11th.

You can participate as an individual or sign up your organization to participate. Over 340 people and organizations have registered already – help us get to 1,000,000 sit to stands around the world!  Register HERE! Learn more HERE. 

Unity Walk in Central Park New York City, April 23rd

LSVT Global is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for the 2022 Parkinson’s Unity Walk on April 23rd. The Unity Walk unites families and communities in a celebration of our collective strength to raise awareness and funds to learn about the latest resources and treatments. 100% of donations support Parkinson’s disease research.

After two years of virtual celebrations, we are thrilled that the Unity Walk is back in New York City’s Central Park! Register today at

Join us at the Bandshell in Central Park at 11:00AM for an LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG Exercise demonstration or stop by our booth on Partner Ally. You can also try the exercises online through the virtual Unity Walk experience.

Jog 60 Miles in April Facebook Challenge

Several of our LSVT Global team members have made the commitment to complete the 60 miles!

Are you up for a bigger challenge? Help raise funds and awareness for the Parkinson’s Foundation and the 60,000 people diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year. Jog (or run, walk, cycle) 60 Miles in April to honor those impacted by Parkinson’s disease.

Learn more and register to join the challenge HERE.

Meet The Spark, a new international symbol of Parkinson’s awareness

The Spark – inspired by the dopamine that’s so valuable to those with the disease – will energize our community to come together to end Parkinson’s.

Ending Parkinson’s starts with ending the stigma around the disease. Let’s change what it means to live with Parkinson’s Disease.

We can only end Parkinson’s if we work together. Join our movement today and find out how you can get involved to help end Parkinson’s.

Learn More at WorldParkinsonsDay.

Give your Voice to Help Others: Project Euphonia

Make April the month that you commit to recording your voice for Project Euphonia.

People with Parkinson’s and related conditions are needed to help make speech recognition software more accessible to people with speech disorders.

Record your speech online from the comfort of your home with the assistance of an expert speech clinician.

Learn more about Project Euphonia and how you can participate HERE!

Join Other PD Awareness Month Activities in Your Community

Go out and get involved with your community. Check with your local organizations or local chapters of national organizations and find something near you.

Our team members will be participating in events such as Moving Day Walks.

If you’re not ready be in crowds just yet, participate in the comfort of your own home with Fitness Friday videos. Share a story or post on social media.

Let’s be in this together for our Parkinson’s community and for finding a cure!