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LSVT Team Member Spotlight: Michael Siddons Villalobos

Learn more about our LSVT team member Michael Siddons Villalobos and the many hats that he wears to keep our courses and technology running smoothly! Michael is a huge asset to our team with his knowledge, skill, and calm demeanor. Read on to learn more.

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“THINK LOUD for Parkinson’s” – a new song inspired by LSVT LOUD

“Think LOUD for Parkinson’s” – a new song inspired by LSVT LOUD® speech treatment has been released!  It is a MUST SEE to get you inspired to THINK LOUD while tapping your feet to the cool beat!

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Join us at World Parkinson Congress, Barcelona!

We are looking forward to joining the Parkinson’s community from around the globe at the World Parkinson’s Congress (WPC) in Barcelona July 4-7, 2023. Read on to learn more about LSVT Global specific events and presentations and for links to the World Parkinson Congress program and registration. We hope to see you in Barcelona!

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